Brand Protection

Protect your Brand Assets appropriately, from trademark registration and designs to domain names and trade secrets.

Trademark and Design Registration

If your company creates a product with a new name or a unique and novel design, you should register it. This way, you can claim exclusive rights and prevent others from copying or using it without your authorisation.

Since many different criteria apply in the process, we offer tailored advice on registering your design or model. Legal expertise in this field is particularly important when creating and protecting a new product, brand or name.



3 Reasons to register your trademark

1.    Your own trademark is a unique asset of your company and distinguishes you from competitors

2.    Prevent competitors copying or abusing your trademark

3.    The trademark registration is indefinitely renewable and you can add an "®" to your trademark.

Our legal experts will guide you in applying the necessary parameters in order to carry out an optimal registration for your services and goods and relevant region.

Availability Search

There are four levels of protection of commercial signs: Company Name, Trade Name, Brand and Domain Names. Each of them requires a different scale of research and protection, and different rules apply in each case.

By checking beforehand whether your company or product name is still available for intended activities you avoid costly mistakes or procedures.


Trademark Watch

Even when a trademark is registered, it can still be exposed to risks. Thanks to our Trademark Watch, you will be notified anytime someone applies for a trademark similar to yours. The sooner we can react, the better.


i-Depot & Copyright

If you want to make sure you can claim your creation beyond any doubt, we also guide you through the i-depot procedure. Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) offers such service to officially confirm you owned a concept on a specific date.


Domain Names

Domain names are the basis for your website, e-mail and all other applications of online brand communication.

We are happy to help you with the appropriate domain name registration and control or with any disputes relating to your domain name.

In doing so, we pay attention to the choice of extension (.be, .eu, .com...) and the avoidance of negative connotations or unwanted links to competitors or compromising websites.

Trademark Dispute Settlement

If you get into a trademark-related disagreement, we stand by your side. With a broad experience in dispute settlements, we know how to protect your trademark in case of any legal and non-legal disputes.


Trade Secrets

Last but not least, we help you record your company’s trade secrets. Only when they are legally protected you can successfully claim your rights in case of abuse.

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