Our Philosophy

Building and managing brands takes knowledge, experience, and guts.

We believe that a solid strategy is step one in the process, with design and experience to follow. Never the other way round.

Our process is intellectual, rooted in research and over 30 years of experience in leading successful brand creations and transformations.
We help you make the optimal decisions and support you in implementing them.




We are here to take your brand seriously: everything it is now and everything it can become.

Welcome to the place where remarkable brands are born.

From pioneer to passionate successor

Thierry & Louis-Philip


Thierry Cattoir founded Remarkable in 1989 and has grown the agency to a European scale, working with a team of multidisciplinary professionals from strategy to creation and protection. Since 2020, he is joined by his son and successor Louis-Philip Cattoir.

Our take on branding is a unique combination of a firm, self-developed theoretical basis and decades of successful practice.

Would you like to pick our brain? Read our articles or discover Thierry's books on the fundamentals of branding.

How futureproof is your brand?

Anyone who wants to conquer the world with a new product or new business needs an inspiring Brand. But how can you be sure that you are choosing the right one?

Brand Change uses relevant cases to map out how to create a successful brand. Thanks to this book, you will gain insight into the creative processes of Belgium's first Branding Architect, Thierry Cattoir, and learn how to respond to changing social circumstances. Above all, you will find out in an instant whether your Brand needs change, or not at all.

Brand Change book Thierry Cattoir