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Monitoring and expanding a global brand portfolio with a focus on Asia
Laroy Voeding

Laroy Group is an international family brand of Belgian origin that specialises in all kind of accessories for home pets. Their driving force is innovation, allowing them to expand the already massive product portfolio (containing over 10.000 original products under various brands) and international presence.

Since they are selling in over 60 countries, tailored Brand Protection is indispensable.

We are monitoring Laroy's 'house of brands' on a regular basis, applying a cross-cultural approach, which is particularly important when a brand reaches out to different markets across the globe.

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Approach and Methodology

Laroy Group's brand architecture classifies as a House of Brands, which means that under the corporate group there is a multitude of brands that function independently, offering diverse products within their own positioning and addressing different target groups. The brand portfolio includes names like CéDé, Coockoo, Terra Della, Aqua Della, ebi, duvo plus, D&D Home, and Witte Molen.

As the Group's Brand Protection expert and partner, we need to know the brand portfolio's ins and outs. This way, we can ensure a bespoke approach to protecting every single brand and applying suitable devices to monitor and pursue any infringements. We also manage all trademark extensions and refusals, fully unburdening the client in this regard.

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As the Group's Brand Protection expert and partner, we know all the brand portfolio's ins and outs

A tailored, cross-cultural approach to trademark protection

Why is a tailored, cross-cultural approach to trademark protection so essential? For example, the Asian trademark offices have a whole different way of defining trademark class descriptions than, let’s say, the European ones. Know-how in this field is vital for successful registrations and future follow-ups.

Moreover, the jurisprudence in Intellectual Property (IP) is constantly evolving in some of the developing Asian countries, creating a particularly vulnerable Brand Protection context. For example, typical Chinese IP issues are copying, bad faith use or brand squatting - these items recur in our Brand Protection agenda on a regular basis.

Finally, in the cases of truly global players like Laroy, sudden import barriers can occur and have to be tackled to re-enable the transit of products. We then look for optimal solutions, weighing out the legal costs and sale revenues.