Metaverse & Branding

What about MetaBrands?

Will the Metaverse change the world?

There is no doubt about it: the Metaverse will change the world as we know it. The Metaverse will revolutionise the Internet by establishing an immersive virtual reality. This will have far-reaching effects for society, social interactions, and the digital identity of people. Moreover, also the brand identity and marketing strategy of businesses will be affected.

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New brand opportunities

The Metaverse will provide new opportunities to grow your brand in two main ways.

First, goods and services can be sold and provided in this new virtual reality. For example, digital marketplaces will be established where virtual goods can be sold. Various virtual events may also take place in the Metaverse, such as online workshops, exhibitions or even musical concerts.

Second, a brand’s online presence in the Metaverse will also affect the brand identity in the real world. In particular, data collected from users in the Metaverse could be used to increase sales in real life, e.g. through targeted advertising. A brand’s presence in the Metaverse will also increase brand awareness in the real world, through e.g. product placement in online content, video games or virtual billboards.

Brand Protection vs. Metaverse

Unfortunately, this also means that there will be new opportunities for trademark infringement. It is therefore crucial that your brand is adequately protected for this new generation of the Internet. The best way to protect your brand is, of course, through trademark registrations. The good news is that you can already register your trademark for the Metaverse. By tailoring the class descriptions of your trademark application, we can ensure that your trademark is protected for use in the online world and for virtual goods and services.

In fact, proactive brand owners have already taken action to ensure their brand is adequately protected. Some examples include Nike, Ralph Lauren, Jay-Z and Ticketmaster, which have all filed new trademarks suited for this new, upcoming virtual world. In a previous blogpost, we already covered that Hermès took legal action against an artist who sold digital Birkin bags as NFTs.


What can Brands do?

The Metaverse will provide new opportunities to grow your brand. However, there will also be new opportunities for trademark infringement by third parties. Brand owners should therefore make sure their brand is adequately protected in the Metaverse. We would be happy to assist you with protecting your brand in this new and exciting digital reality. Contact us for more information on your Brand Protection.