Brand Strategy

Strategy is key to branding. We believe that powerful brands grow from a clear plan and research-driven insights. It is the process in which crucial decisions are taken: the ones related to Brand (Re)positioning, Brand Architecture and Internal Branding.

Brand (Re)Positioning

By positioning your brand, you create recognition in the market. This can be done on the one hand by having a clearly defined DNA (mission, vision, purpose), and on the other hand by applying consistency in your branding. That way, internal and external stakeholders know what you stand for and who you are as a Brand. This way you will build up the necessary Brand Equity for the years to come.

Brand (Re)Positioning actions keep influencing it, as an active strategic approach helps you stay in control of your Brand. Whether you search for optimal positioning of your company or product in the market or repositioning an existing one, we provide you with the right strategy.

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture is the way brands, products, and services are organised and is vital for clear communication and effective sales. Sometimes, the architecture needs to be adjusted or — if required — created from scratch. Revisiting the brand architecture can be especially relevant in the cases of major portfolio expansion, internationalisation, or mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic advice on Brand Architecture helps you make objective decisions not based on historical dynamics, internal organisational structure, or personal preferences. Approaching it from an outside-in perspective allows shaping a clear marketing message, structured product and service offer and much more.

Brand Strategy services

  • Strategic Brand Audit
  • Market research
  • Benchmarking
  • Expert interviews
  • Insights report
  • Portfolio optimisation


  • Brand Change process
  • Internal & Employer Branding
  • Purpose strategy & statement
  • Brand valuation
  • Brand workshops