Brand Creation

Our formula for brand longevity: a combination of thought-through choices bringing different verbal and visual resources together to convey a desired message and emotion. The objective is to balance design and research, making sure the brands we create have a firm linguistic, cultural, and legal basis.


Our Brand Creation process

Crafting a powerful brand is a process that is both structured and free. We typically divide it into 8 Steps that can be carried out in their entirety or within a shorter scenario, depending on the briefing. Brand Creation stretches between Identity and Image, which means we work both with what a brand is assumed to be and how its audience perceives it. When these two endpoints are in balance, we can talk about a strong, coherent brand.

What makes us Remarkable?

Unlike in the typical design-based branding process, our work does not end here. Once the identity is translated into concrete brand elements, we research and test them, making sure that Brand Creation is truly on point regarding the linguistic, cultural, and legal aspects. This way, we can be confident that the name is readable and easy to pronounce in different languages and does not generate unwanted or unexpected connotations. The same goes for all other brand elements, from colors to symbols used in the Brand Design system —  professionally conducted cultural checks allow us to avoid costly adjustments and unpleasant surprises.

Finally, before we roll out the new brand on the market, we confirm the trademark’s availability and uniqueness on a legal level. Over the past 30 years we developed a unique pan-European expertise in launching brands all over the world. Our Legal team follows-up closely on final creative checks, applying their global experience to the newly created brand.

All boxes checked? Your brand is ready to conquer the world!

Your Brand Identity

Every Brand Creation project starts with a preliminary study, in which we conduct Expert Interviews on the one hand and establish a clear market Benchmark on the other. Based on these findings, we define the brand’s DNA, rooted in a set of essential Brand Words and Brand Values: the starting points for any creative communication work that follows. Depending on the challenge at hand, we further create elements such as Name, Logo & Corporate Identity, Baseline & Brandography.


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