Brand Change

The world evolves so much that brands need to adapt and transform. Such decisions should be made carefully and strategically, and only when necessary.


Consulting on Brand Change

Do you think your brand needs an update or a complete makeover? Or do you feel that some shift is inevitable, but you cannot pin it down? These questions are a starting point for a possible Brand Change path. What follows is an objective assessment of the brand and its environment. The advice and solutions we provide are based on thorough internal and external research that backs any further decisions.

Changes on the branding level usually trigger many consequences that are best kept under control. That is why we also support you in change management.


Brand Optimisation

Sometimes Brand Change is not about a complete makeover but about subtle adjustments that help optimise a brand. We offer consultancy and creative services related to changing names, logos, baselines, typography, and colours.

Our advice and solutions stem from thorough brand analysis, ranging from benchmarking, market research to semantic, linguistic, and legal studies.

Is it time for a transformation?

A complete brand change is usually the scenario we consider last. Before making such a decision, it is vital to detect the core issue. Based on decades of experience in Brand Change interventions, we created a list of the most important reasons to introduce change.


How futureproof is your Brand?

Find out if your Brand is future proof by answering the following 12 questions.