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A new identity to match a smart service

A logo and name change for the digital age
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Spector Photo Group (now smartphoto group) is a European market leader in digital photo processing. From photo books to wall decor, they process and deliver high-quality and affordable photo products to customers in twelve-plus European countries.

Around 1990, the brand made the transition from analogue to digital products, a shift that came to feel inconsistent with the current branding. The group turned to Remarkable to translate their digital focus. The result: a new brand image powered by a refreshed name, logo and identity.

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Approach and methodology

More than just an attractive logo, branding indicates what a company stands for and the type of services it provides. With branding that falls out of date, you miss out on the opportunity to make a strong first impression with your audience.

It was in this scenario that Spector group (whose name previously had a link to their older, analog services) found themselves. By the end of the 1990s, the company was fully committed to e-commerce with the option of ordering photo products online. But this digital service no longer matched the image of spector photo—which is why there was a need for a future-oriented brand, exuding digitalisation while majoring in simplicity. Our extensive expertise in branding on a creative, strategic and legal level made us the perfect partner for this assignment.

We don't do ‘blind branding’. We begin the process by getting into the brain of the customer to determine their precise creative expectations. Once we had that from Spector, we commenced extensive market research. During (re-)naming development, we check all creative proposals on a marketing-technical, linguistic and legal level with our in-house legal team. Finally, we determine a shortlist together with the customer supported with creative logo proposals.


Smartphoto banner
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Smart. Fast. Smartphoto.

In consultation with the client, we landed on one powerful proposal: Spector photo became smartphoto. This phrase reflects their focus on e-commerce with dynamic service and a passion for photography. The name smartphoto speaks to a smart, fast service and prepares the company for the future, as families and friends relive their most beautiful moments in photo format.

To complement the brand name, a fresh logo was born: a stylized eye/lens. This elegant and simple design reflects the ease of operation with smartphoto and sets the brand apart from its competitors in the marketplace—a finishing touch designed for the digital age.