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Close watch on Roularta’s trademarks

Protecting a European media group’s Intellectual Property
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Roularta Media Group is a publishing and broadcasting company that operates in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Portugal. With activities ranging from traditional to digital media, the international protection of its trademarks becomes indispensable.

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Approach and methodology

In a case like this one, we approach Brand Protection in a tailored, flexible manner. Roularta’s portfolio contains trademarks such as major newspaper and magazine titles or, for example, (inter)nationally recognised awards created by the Group’s media.

An excellent example of award as a trademark is the Manager van het jaar (Manager of the year) title, granted by Roularta's Trends magazine. This remarkable recognition has become a label worth sharing with and presenting to one’s business networks. It is, however, crucial to protect the way it is used and to eliminate any misconduct. How can someone refer to or use the title as a winner or a sponsor? For questions like these, we create clear guidelines and keep an eye on their execution, reacting immediately to any mistakes.

The same goes, of course, for media trademarks, domain names and copyrights of all other entities of Roularta, among which renowned magazines such as De Tijd, L’Echo, Trends, Knack, Nest, Kanaal Z / Canal Z, Sport / Voetbal Magazine, or Plus Magazine.

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Daily brand portfolio watch of all media trademarks, domain names and copyrights of all other entities of Roularta

Media under scrutiny

We understand the importance of Brand Protection in the media environment, so susceptible to infringements. Daily brand portfolio watch allows for reactiveness and staying in charge of trademarks and copyrights proactively.

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