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Rebranding and managing a buyout
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BP Nutrition group had a rich portfolio of heritage brands specialising in animal feed. When they decided to separate from the mother brand BP and walk its own path toward sustainability, highest quality and market leadership, they needed a new name that would reflect these values.

The ultimate goal: claiming a new position in the market under a new, inspiring banner that unites everyone on board.

We applied a multi-step naming process to find the perfect label for BP Nutrition's new path. Many brainstorms, linguistic, cultural, and legal checks later, Nutreco was born. An ideal starting point for the success path that led Nutreco to the Dutch stock market and later on, to becoming a part of the SHV holding.

Continue reading to discover the process behind this case.

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Approach and methodology

When an ambitious brand with bright plans shows up with a branding request, we welcome such an opportunity with open arms. After a management buyout, BP Nutrition became independent. Its team worked out a sound future vision, focused on becoming a sustainable, innovative leader in the animal nutrition sector.

To find the perfect name, we first dove into detailed discussions around the brand mission and values, eventually extracting the core elements that we could translate into a new name. The list consisted of quality and service, safety and trustworthiness, international character, market leadership, strength and revenue, nutrition, innovation, independence, cohesion, and a natural feeling. 

Next to that, we assembled a set of technical criteria. The new name had to be simple and easy to remember and pronounce globally. Apart from that, none of the company's segments should dominate in the name, as the focus was more on the group's values rather than types of products.



The new name had to be simple and easy to remember and pronounce globally.

Nutreco Trouw Nutrition



Enter: Nutreco

Specifying briefing in such a way allowed for a very targeted naming action that fully aligned with brand strategy. Based on such a concrete input, we followed a clear direction from the get-go, instead of shooting in the air with names that come top-of-mind. Taking on a funnel approach, we went from a broad set of directions to narrowing them down through elimination and shortlisting.

Eventually, Nutreco became the winning name, referring to nutrition (Group's key business focus) as well as ecology and economy, echoing corporation's core values. Big ambitions that, all fit into one word.