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Montea and its promise of growth

Branding in line with stock market entry ambitions
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When Logistiek Vastgoed De Pauw knocked at our door and told us about their future vision, it did not take much convincing for us to get on board.

This specialist in the rental of big warehouse spaces prepared a major next step in their evolution, adjusting their business model and aiming to enter the Brussels stock market.

Part of this plan included a name change. We went on to search for the perfect label that would reflect the group's ambitious agenda.

We designed creative brainstorms that involved different stakeholders in order to pin down the vital aspects of the company's vision and mission. This is how Montea was born: a strong brand ready to enter the stock market and attract new clients.

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Approach and methodology

The initial name was a very traditional, family name-based, and descriptive one. It did not reflect the ambitions and plans of the founders, who have grown their business significantly over the years by teaming up with other warehouse companies in order to form a stock-listed, regulated property company with a special fiscal status of REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust, GVV in Dutch). The REIT status removes the obligation to pay the corporation tax when conditions are met, which is much more attractive for investors.

This vision marked a shift moment for the brand itself, which needed a new, dynamic name. Preferably an associative one that would turn all heads in the desired direction.

During the brainstorming exercises that we streamlined, we quickly distilled a central thread that focused on growth. Not only the growth of Logistiek Vastgoed De Pauw itself (which was already actively broadening its structures) but also one of its B2B clients. Serving major brands such as Barry Callebaut, DHL, Jan De Nul, L'Oreal or Coca-Cola, the group wanted to highlight the promise of growth by offering spaces tailored to each of its clients' specific needs.


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The name draws on the notion of climbing and ascending in both English (to mount) and French (monter) but sounds universally good in all languages

Montea grows here

Thinking big, thinking broad, thinking bold, we created Montea. The name draws on the notion of climbing and ascending in both English (to mount) and French (monter) but sounds universally good in all languages. Today, Montea is active in Belgium, the Netherlands and France and does not cease to innovate in scalable estate solutions.  


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