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Greenyard: brand designed to grow

Naming an international group of food producers

Growth is the keyword of this story. It started with Univeg, a mushroom farm founded by one man. Twenty-five years and a couple of mergers later, we are looking at the frozen and non-frozen fruit and vegetables market leader.

After the milestone merger of PinguinLutosa and Scana Noliko, the group decided it was high time for a new, unified brand. And that is where we came in.

We created the name Greenyard and supported it with a fresh and crisp corporate identity: logo, visual style and guidelines. Last but not least, we seasoned it with a consistent Brand Strategy for the years to follow.

Continue reading to discover the process behind this case.

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Approach and methodology

The group is driven by the ambition of setting the highest standards in the 'fresh from the field' category, including vegetables, fruit, flowers, and plants. Such a vision needed to be mirrored in a unique yet straightforward name, valid for many years to come. What we were looking for exactly was timelessness, which could be found in hinting at the business goals and brand mission without limiting or narrowing down the group's activities in any way. Leaving space for growth, that is.

We approached the naming process with this briefing in mind, aiming at an associative name that would also convey the freshness of products at first glance and note. The English language was the optimal choice, considering the ongoing internationalisation of the business. After a series of brainstorms coupled with linguistic, cultural and legal verifications, we landed on the name Greenyard. This conjunction brings out the exact feel we looked for, vigorous and full of respect for nature, 100% in line with the ‘fresh from the field’ approach. After finding the perfect name, we set the next steps into the branding process.

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An associative name that would also convey the freshness of products at first glance and note

Identity that stays fresh

Next to naming, we provided Greenyard with a 360 corporate identity glam up, including logo and visual style as well as an update of the company's stock market name. Greenyard's logo consists of the name written in a bold, classic type accompanied by a circular emblem that symbolises the field: a visual element that illustrates the essence of the brand's activity. The green monochrome colour palette boosts both the name and the overall feeling of freshness.

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