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Going with the flow for Fluxys

Branding a new company in the energy sector
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When an all-round gas provider Distrigas decided to split its activities upon new national legislation, it needed a new brand for the upcoming gas transport entity. The entire infrastructure and team have already existed and had to be included in the change, which made the task at hand rather delicate.

We saw it as an excellent opportunity for a satisfying co-creation in which the team could fill out the clean slate of the next chapter in their company’s evolution.

We sat together with the client team in a joined creative endeavour. The result of collaborative brainstorms and workshops was Fluxys, a new, strong brand with which people could immediately identify.

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Approach and methodology

The imperative of change in the company structure came from the European Union that introduced a new anti-monopoly law. According to the new rules, energy providers that delivered more than one service had to split activities in the name of market liberalisation. As a result, Distrigas (today Eni Gas & Power) became responsible exclusively for gas trade and sales. Next to that, a whole new company was created to take care of gas transport to distribution centres as well as directly to clients and neighbourhoods.

When we launched the collaborative process with the client team, our first step was to specify the briefing and list the naming criteria based on research and benchmarking.


The collaborative, structured brainstorms delivered a long list of over 600 names

The core value we pinned down was openness to the future and possible changes that this dynamic sector faces quite often. Next to it, the name needed to fit in well with a rather traditional, serious branding landscape of the sector that revolves around reliability and expertise. Naturally, our goal was to find the balance between the sector fit and a unique, innovative spin to the new brand.




On the technical side, we were looking for a descriptive or an associative name that refers to the company’s activities and has a timeless, change-resistant potential. We wanted it to reflect the versatility of activities and evoke trust in a solid system and infrastructure.

The collaborative, structured brainstorms delivered a long list of over 600 names. Thanks to the initially prepared checklist of criteria, we were then able to shortlist names that met them the most accurately. Clearly, we were not only looking at the technical requirements. We believe that the mythical ‘X factor’ is as important in naming. The name that made the cut possessed both these strengths.

Fluxys stood out as a name that sticks and meets all the criteria

Fluxys is the name

Fluxys stood out as a name that sticks and meets all the criteria. It combines the words “Flux” and “System”, merging two contrasting factors of the company’s activity into one coherent label: the fluency of gas transport and dynamic service meet the reliable infrastructure and systematic data management. Strong and agile, fluent and robust, no contradictions: Fluxys.