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Clear brand architecture and all-new branding for the logistics of tomorrow
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CLdN is the European market leader in intermodal transport. They traverse seas, railways and highways to deliver to their customers on time. Within this extensive service, CLdN worked from three distinct operating divisions, each with its own name and logo.

To keep things simple for employees and customers alike, they needed a new, clearer brand architecture. As we dug into the company DNA, further growth opportunities were revealed. Ultimately we went a step further and, in addition to the brand architecture, also updated CLdN’s brand strategy and usage of logo and branding elements.


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Approach and methodology

When different business units within a company have to work together, a clear brand story is an absolute must. It makes interaction with customers more pleasant, while helping employees to see the bigger picture and their role in it. This is a process that Remarkable has the necessary expertise to support, and one that we approach with a comprehensive view of the facts as an external entity and independent partner.

CLdN needed more than just a clear brand strategy. Since the separation from COBELFRET, each business unit grew organically, taking individual paths. It was not always clear to customers which divisions of the company they were dealing with and why, while use of logos was inconsistent.

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To smoothen out the brand story, we began by fully immersing ourselves in the company. For example, we entered into discussions with CLdN's managers and stakeholders. During this consultation, we noticed the need for a complete update of the company branding. This is something for which we, as all-round brand experts on a strategic, creative and legal level, can provide a real and considered solution. This is how we gained the confidence of the company to revitalise CLdN from a branding perspective.

Instilling the new brand strategy and identity, we rolled up our sleeves and gave the logistics company a complete facelift and renewed identity. We rolled out this identity over the new corporate identity, while also determining tone of voice for future content and refreshing the CLdN website.

From now on, customers will not stumble over the brand names of the different divisions: everything is now under one (iconic) C-flag.

Goods transport in a new guise

Today, CLdN is completely future-proof with a new, sleek branding. Customers no longer have to stumble over the brand names of the individual business units, such as CLdN RoRo, C.Ro Ports and CLdN Cargo, but only come into contact or do business with one brand, under the umbrella branding of the C-flag—a clear family story that gives sales, retention and employer branding a significant boost.

As a strategic partner, we further provided professional advice in updating their touchpoints with customers, such as designing containers, signage on port buildings and ships. When redesigning these elements, we ensured that each element represented the new CLdN.

Furthermore, CLdN were able to count on Remarkable as a brand partner in changes and acquisitions such as the British company SEATRUCK and also for the global legal brand monitoring of all brands within the group. The result? Proof that we look beyond the basics of brand design and go the extra mile to fully support and unburden our customers as a strategic brand partner.

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