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New horizons for Arvesta

Repositioning the group after a major portfolio expansion

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Group AVEVE (now Arvesta) needed to make decisions related to brand identity and strategy after a period of intense growth and acquisitions in the agriculture and horticulture sector. Their portfolio of more than 40 independent B2B and B2C brands required a clear and inclusive structure to maximise each unit’s potential both individually and as a part of the group.

We provided conclusive research, delivered strategic guidelines, and developed a name and identity for the corporate brand. All this to eliminate confusion, unite employees across the group, and improve sales in the long run.

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Approach and methodology

Our research has shown that the brand AVEVE was mostly known for its retail shops specialized in garden, animal, and home-baking products. People were much less aware that AVEVE was primarily a B2B expert in agriculture and horticulture, offering a wide range of products from seeds and fertilizers to animal feed and agricultural machinery. This biased perception was not only influencing the group’s sales process but also caused some internal frictions.

Based on these insights, we could have already sketched out possible scenarios. Nevertheless, we decided to research the internal dynamics and brand perception further. That’s because we believe a brand is more than labels: it is a complex, organic concept that needs to be supported by its people to stand the test of time.

In order to gather information from all the key European stakeholders, we got in the car and took... a field trip. With the collected data, interviews, and notes, we were able to objectively assess the potential and risks of different possible solutions. Finally, we implemented the optimal one, transforming the corporate brand AVEVE into a new, rich concept. With the name change and a sound strategic vision, we positioned Arvesta as a full-service provider for European farmers and growers and a strong international employer with leading expertise in the field.


This new strategy empowered all employees to actively co-write the group’s unique story

CEO, Eric Lauwers

Arvesta in full bloom

Arvesta was born as a standalone corporate brand (name, logo, and CI) that embraces all its companies equally, bundling their broad expertise while highlighting the independence of each brand in the portfolio. Just like Unilever or P&G, it functions as an umbrella that doesn’t directly operate in the market. Internally, this new strategy empowered all employees to actively co-write the group’s unique story.

The name Arvesta is a combined result of the creative process and advanced linguistic and legal research. By keeping the same first letter, we created a subtle link with the previous name, infusing the new one with a fresh meaning that hints at harvest, the symbolic moment in all agricultural activities — the end of one natural cycle and the beginning of a new one.