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Developing the brand strategy for a category expansion
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Since the 1980s, Alpro has been at the forefront of Europe’s slow shift towards plant-based food. As a pioneer of soy products, the brand has been firmly rooted in its ‘soy identity’ and positioned as a purely functional dairy substitute for people with intolerances.

In 2010, Alpro reached a turning point in its evolution, significantly broadening its offer with more plant-based ingredients.

We made sure that the enlargement of the product portfolio was a profitable decision for the Alpro brand that happens in controlled conditions. Our strategic advice was essential not only for the extension itself but also for facilitating internal discussions with the American brand owner at the time, WhiteWave Foods.

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Approach and methodology

When a brand faces a decisive moment in its evolution, it is essential to take an unbiased look at both internal and external factors to make the right decisions. Our professional brand consultancy played a vital role in the process, as we were able to assess the pros and cons of different scenarios with an objective mindset.

In the case of Alpro, the stakes were high for two reasons. Firstly, brand architecture and positioning choices were to influence the brand’s established position in the market. Secondly, the brand itself could disappear, as one of the hypothetical scenarios assumed changing from Alpro to a new global brand.

After a thorough market and brand equity research, we were able to re-confirm Alpro’s strong position in the European market. At the same time, the portfolio extension presented a promising opportunity to leap from a purely functional, almost medical product to an attractive range that resonates with the growing international community of healthy eaters.

Our approach was straightforward — we joined the client team for the time of research and decision-making, participated in brainstorms and board meetings, and provided first-hand branding advice. These actions allowed us to truly unite with the Alpro team in the pursuit of a successful strategy.

We further facilitated the process with clear guidelines, working out a coherent strategy for Brand Repositioning and Change. Since soy was Alpro’s only focus, even the logo contained it. Therefore, we also needed to recommend identity change to build a future-proof lifestyle brand.

Today Alpro is a genuine love brand that continues to lead the plant-based segment in Europe.

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Plant-based revolution

Today Alpro is a genuine love brand that continues to lead the plant-based segment in Europe. With dozens of products ranging from drinks, variations on yoghurt and cream, desserts, margarine, and ice cream, made from no-GMO soy, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew, rice, oats, and coconut, Alpro created a radiant universe of healthy and sustainable products.