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TAITO, fun to ride

the grown-up three-wheeled e-scooter

A safe and durable e-scooter

We all know the latest trend on our roads and in the big cities: e-scooters. Some cities are full of scooters and are annoyed by them, others are embracing this new way of mobility and opportunities. We have seen a spike in shared scooters in recent years and the private market is also still booming.

Common denominator in e-scooters? As soon as the conditions of weather, traffic or road surface change, there are many accidents, serious ones in fact. So severe that some cities are already banning or abolishing these e-scooters.

Three years ago, the idea came to TAITO's founders to develop a safe and durable e-scooter. After years of market research, product development and making the first prototypes, they created the first sustainable and safe three-wheeled e-scooter from Belgian soil.

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"Fun to ride. Serious about everything else."


Launching a strong product on the market is not something you do lightly. Anno 2022, we have long since passed "a good product sells itself". TAITO was supported in this by numerous experts, incubator programmes and universities. But in the end, starting entrepreneurs have to make up their own minds. So, together with Belgian suppliers, they went into production at the beginning of this month and you can now order your first TAITO.

Remarkable assists TAITO in the legal branding process starting in the Benelux and the EU in order to conquer the world, step by step. Brand availability searches and registrations ensure the optimal brand protection in line with their ambitions.