Nieuwbrief 202108

Summer Branding

What did you miss during the summer?

Total Energies - A strategic or solely expensive rebranding?

Total is transforming and becoming TotalEnergies. We question the strategy behind this Brand Change, from a corporate level but also considering the huge cost of implication. Moreover, we have our doubts about the 360-degree turnaround in terms of emblem and wordmark. Total is discarding valuable corporate brand assets in the quest for a new corporate image? A Brand Change should be the result of internal adjustments and business operations - not the other way around.

Stating the Total Press release: “Energy is life. (...) That is why Total is transforming and becoming TotalEnergies,” declared Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TotalEnergies.

Globe Trotter

The renewed Globe-Trotter

Globe-Trotter, the luxury luggage brand is giving its logo an update. The previous logo with a weirdly flattened star served for 100 years. The new logo reverts to the star emblem, refreshed and placed centrally in the logo. This reminds us of our own Samsonite case, where in 2006 we refurbished the iconic global logo and gave more value to the 'bagel' by placing it centrally. This created innovation, allowed for more brand equity to build up, and gave the bagel more visual value.

Hooray! Arvesta celebrates 120 years.

120 years ago we started out as a small initiative that valued farmer welfare, now grown into an internationally strong group. Remarkable assisted in creating the Aveve and Arvesta-brand from strategy to visual creation.

"At Arvesta, we get up every day to increase farmer profitability.  That was true 120 years ago and it remains true today.Thanks to sustainable innovations, know-how and guidance, farmers can farm more efficiently and, above all, sustainably." said Erik Lauwers, CEO Arvesta.

Arvesta 120j

New Dacia, who diz?

Dacia’s renewal is embodied by a new logotype and a new emblem , markers of a distinctive and assertive brand.

The logotype, central to the new visual identity, exudes an ever-present feel of robustness and stability. The shape of the letters is intentionally refined – the ‘D’ and ‘C’ are mirror images of each other – and reflect the brand’s pared-back and cunning mindset. The geometric lines of the logotype give a feel of mechanical movement to the string of letters. Watch the video here.

Why European banks join .bank domain rush

Websites of banks are an attractive field of action for hackers. By posing as a bank, they lure people into a trap. Banks and insurers worldwide have now joined forces to make things a lot more difficult for these hackers.

By reserving the .bank domain name (the unique name of a company on the Internet) only for financial institutions that meet a long list of security requirements, you as a customer immediately know that this site is verified and secure. Thus, the .bank domain name becomes a real quality label or seal of approval: if you see '.bank' at the end of a web or email address, you can be confident that it is indeed a financial institution.