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A sparkling collaboration: Perrier and Starck

Developing Brand Assets

Perrier, the iconic brand behind the fizzy bubbles, has joined forces with world-renowned designer Philippe Starck on the occasion of its 160th anniversary. At Remarkable, we applaud this collaboration as a brilliant example of how brands can thrive in creative synergy. The result is a brand-new version of the iconic glass bottle whose shape has been redesigned for the first time in its history. The Perrier bottle becomes a unique creative object, remarkable and elegant, without compromising its iconic shape.

The unique marriage between design and refreshment

Perrier is known for its refreshing bubbles, but this collaboration takes the art of refreshment to a whole new level. Starck, a design visionary, has left his mark on everything from hotels to furniture, and now on Perrier's iconic green bottles. 

“It’s been a dream come true, taking on the legend that is the Perrier bottle.”


Starck is known for telling stories through his designs, and now does so again by transforming the Perrier bottle into a work of art in itself. "In my project, the Unknown is encapsulated in the notion that each bubble is a magnifying glass, and that by using the structure to shape a Fresnel lens, I could create an optical surprise, bringing intrigue and a spark of fantasy."

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The protection of a unique identity

At Remarkable, we understand that the unique design of a product, such as the updated Perrier bottle, is or can become an invaluable brand asset. This visual element can not only define the aesthetic of the brand, but also become an instantly recognisable feature for consumers. From a creative-legal angle, we look at various legal tools to preserve these precious brand assets.

One of the keys to protecting the design of the Perrier bottle may lie in design protection. By filing the bottle's unique design as a registered design, Perrier can obtain exclusive rights to the bottle's appearance. This means that others cannot simply use a similar design without permission, preserving the visual uniqueness of the bottle.

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The source of the bottle

In 1906, British St John Harmsworth, founder and owner of the Perrier brand, designed the shape of the now famous green bottle. He was inspired by the elegant and practical curves of the Indian juggling clubs he used to practise daily. The legendary shape has hardly changed over the years and has earned an international icon status.

The Perrier bottle was first designed in Vergèze, in the south of France, where it is still produced today and where its source is located.