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Roularta conquers NL

RMG acquires Newskool Media

Roularta sets footprint in The Netherlands through acquisition

Roularta Media Group (RMG) is acquiring 100% of New Skool Media BV (NSM), thus becoming the owner of 20 magazine brands in the Netherlands. Together with RMG's other magazine brands in the Netherlands, such as Plus Magazine and Landleven and their numerous line extensions, RMG becomes the second largest magazine publisher in the Netherlands. This will make the Netherlands RMG's second home country.


The best known magazine brands from the NSM portfolio are EW (formerly Elsevier, founded in 1945), an opinion magazine for highly educated readers, entrepreneurs and decision makers, and Beleggersbelangen, the mobile-first platform for active investors and as such the market leader. In addition, NSM publishes a whole range of special-interest magazines, each with a strong multimedia readership (cooking, sports, hobbies, travel, royalty watching, etc.).

We will be the second largest player in the Netherlands in the field of magazines. The Netherlands will really be our second home country.

Xavier Bouckaert - CEO Roularta Media Group

Takeovers often involve transferring IP

Remarkable has been a loyal partner of Roularta for many years in managing, optimising and monitoring the brand portfolio.

Congratulations Roularta Media Group, a solid move in line with the strategy of international expansion and growth of their brand portfolio!

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