Paris 2024

Paris 2024

City Branding

The 2024 Olympic Games will take place in Paris, the perfect time for a city trip to the city of lights and enjoying some Olympic sports. Paris sees the occasion of the games as an ideal opportunity to present itself as an attractive and modern city, with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

Olympic & paralympic games 2024

So, Paris 2024 is venturing into a groundbreaking identity. For the first time, the same emblem will be used for both Olympic and Paralympic Games as the city focuses on simplicity and a modern outlook.

But, city branding is much more than just developing a logo with a clear meaning. It requires internal and external research that clarifies the city's positioning, to define its identity and a clear brand strategy. City Branding aims to appeal at the behaviour of tourists, residents and investors.

Distinguishing factors; diversity and sustainability

Paris differentiates itself by focusing on inclusion in the city. This is already demonstrated by the use of only one logo for both games and the focus on diversity. It will be the first gender-equal games with the same number of men and women competing in the 32 sports and 48 disciplines.

Furthermore, Paris has a mission to make the games as sustainable as possible, the city aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% compared to the London games (2012) by using innovative & renewable energy sources.

Paris 2024 Ijfeltoren


Besides creating a positive public image and unique identities, city branding should also help attract tourists, residents and investors. Which in turn leads to more growth and a higher quality of life for its proud residents. 

In 1976, Milton Glaser designed possibly the most famous example, the I❤️ New York logo. The iconic logo, composed of a robust typeface that typified the typical New Yorker, allowed citizens, and non-citizens, to identify with the city and develop a sense of pride and belonging.

I love NY

I amsterdam is a city branding initiative that can be compared to I ❤️ New York. The I amsterdam card gives access to all major highlights of the city and a photo on the 'I amsterdam' image is an Instagram snapshot you can't miss when visiting the city.

Small country. Great food.

Besides city branding, there is also country branding. Together with Fevia, Remarkable Europe came up with the concept, including the name and slogan to position Belgium internationally. is a platform connecting international food professionals with more than 1,300 Belgian food companies. aims to increase demand for Belgian food and play off the quality, diversity and innovative character of our Belgian food abroad. 

A lot of Belgian cities are also doing brand creation. Deinze abandoned its logo that portrays the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe church and the river 'Leie', because they have so much more to offer. They expressed this in a modern, minimalist and timeless logo to which Remarkable Europe provides legal protection. Deinze