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New Facebook, New Mark?

Facebook (company) changes to Meta

New Facebook, New Mark?

Facebook wants to change its name, a name that reflects the ambition of the Tech giant. They no longer want to be known solely for social media - with all the quibbles that come with that, just think of the recent outages and revelations about the social media platform.

Specifically, the rebrand would position the blue Facebook app as one of many products under a parent company that oversees groups like Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and more. This could free up space for the creation of new apps or brands.

Of course, creating an umbrella brand is not something you do lightly; you also have to pay attention to the structure of the company and the personal brand of the CEO. For example, Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google to the outside world, and not necessarily the CEO of Alphabet - the company behind Google. To effectively create an umbrella brand, thus bringing stability and cohesion to the companies and sub-brands, you have to establish a new corporate entity. Time for a new Mark?

"It's not the logos that are wrong, it's how you handle the brand."

Noami Klein

A successful example of an umbrella brand in our portfolio is Arvesta; the former Group AVEVE had a structure of more than 40 companies and as many brands operating side by side. The new umbrella 'Arvesta' brought everyone together with a common goal, with Eric Lauwers at the wheel. (full case)

But no matter how strong your new name and logo may be: "It's not the logos that are wrong, it's how you handle the brand." In the words of Noami Klein from her book No Logo.


Meta, the new umbrella brand

In 2021, the umbrella brand is the ideal way to establish a clear Mission, Vision, and especially Purpose (raison d'être) for the group. The creation of a meaningful name with a strong future-oriented logo, which is also legally available worldwide, is a speciality.

To our surprise, the name Meta neither fulfils the condition of a strong meaningful name, nor is it presented with a powerful logo. Moreover, we have strong doubts about the legal strength of the name Meta, even more so in the IT sector on a global level.

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Speaking of social media and new names, Donald Trump announced earlier this month that he is starting a new platform called TRUTH social. No doubt only truthful content will appear on it, in line with the Russian Communist newspaper PRAVDA (which means 'the truth').