Herman Miller & Knoll join forces. Have a seat for the future.

MillerKnoll, have a seat for the future.

A merger or acquisition brings with it many obstacles and issues. But once properly tackled, you are in a strong position for the years to come. One of the foundations to be laid is that of the corporate brand and the brand portfolio(s).
This raises the question of what to do with the brand name and which flag will cover it?

  • Which brands are no longer competition?
  • At what level will you proclaim what mission, vision and purpose?
  • How do we position ourselves to recruit new forces at every level of the group?
  • In which areas will we become and remain recognisable internally and externally?
MillerKnoll Logo

Herman Miller & Knoll

For example, MillerKnoll will adopt a new structure with a separate management in an overarching role in cooperation with the new expanded brand portfolio (all brands from Herman Miller & Knoll).

The new name for this corporate structure has been chosen carefully, retaining strong elements that may, however, cause confusion in the future. The logo is simple, clear, yet very perfectionist.

For now, it still sounds pretty sec: "guided by a shared vision, common values and an unwavering commitment to design, MillerKnoll innovates and designs the future for all of life's places, while contributing to a more just and sustainable future for all."

Stay seated!