Tabasco nieuwe visuele identiteit

Light Things Up

Tabasco's first visual identity

Tabasco, the popular hot sauce, got a unified look and feel. The new visual identity is based on Tabasco's signature bottle shape and diamond logo.

Tabasco's nieuwe visuele identiteit

Spicy visual identity

Edmund Mcllhenny developed the recipe for the red pepper sauce in 1868. Until today, the Mcllhenny Company is still a family business and Tabasco sauce has numerous fans around the world. Including the crew of NASA's space shuttles, where the hot sauce is used to give boring food a kick....

So far, the brand never had a unified visual identity. Tabasco pulled out all the stops with a first visual identity that can be used in all communications worldwide. The new slogan 'Light Things Up' combines the fresh look of the hot sauce's familiar brand elements such as the bottle shape and the diamond-shaped logo, with a variety of innovative graphics.

No flaming clichés

No cliché images such as fiery & explosive graphics are used in this new look. The illustrations and graphics can be adapted to local marketing needs from around the world.

Besides images, the new visual identity also features an innovative font, a new colour palette, verbal icons and a more tasteful approach to food photography.


Strategy as a foundation

A distinctive visual identity starts with a well-considered strategy that brings the essence of the brand to the forefront. Brand essence is the foundation of your brand and is therefore crucial for successful branding because, without a solid foundation, you can't build a strong visual identity that stands out in the crowd. So, Tabasco hot sauce's new visual identity ensures that the brand occupies a unique position in the market.

Tabasco's nieuwe visuele identiteit

There are many reasons to invest in a strong visual identity. Besides authenticity; it ensures credibility, shows that your brand is serious and reflects what it wants to propagate with pride.

In addition, a visual identity doesn't only attract the attention of (potential) consumers. It also allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors faster and without much effort. Moreover, it builds a powerful recognisability. Creating a unique style is a smart way to have the lead on the market and strengthen your position.

Equitone, a global concept brand

A similar example from our portfolio is Equitone, a manufacturer of facade panels. With an extensive range of products, manufacturer of building materials Etex Group would typically create a different product name for every market. However, for their new architectural fibre cement panels, the company wanted a name that would work and have an impact in all target countries. With Equitone, the Etex Group was ready to spearhead innovation and convince architects globally.

Thanks to an extensive series of linguistic, cultural and trademark checks, we were able to guarantee that the name would function globally. The global guidelines are well established, although each country can use its specific photography to respond more concretely to the customs and needs of the local people in question.

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Equitone, een wereldwijd conceptmerk