I M Inter Milan

I M Inter Milano

What if the flag no longer covers the cargo?

Football clubs are becoming enterprises that focus on activities beyond football. Some clubs go to the stock exchange and others position themselves as event organisers or media companies.

The Italian football club Inter Milan is also positioning herself further than only the sportive side. With the expansion of Inter Milan TV, IM Campus and IM Culture, there is no necessary link to football and the supporters, but rather to the organisation. 

Therefore, Inter Milan presents a minimalistic logo created by graphic design studio Bureau Borsche. In this design attention was paid to the strong elements of the original identity designed by Giorgio Muggiani and 'FC' was deliberately left out of the emblem.

They continue to score well in their former core business of football and are firmly in the lead in Serie A with Romelu Lukaku in the striker's box.  According to Le Soir (dd. 13/04/2021), the valuation of all football clubs in the world puts them in 14th place.

They can only grow with their new strong strategy!

IM Logo v2
IM Evolution