Courmayeur Design Weekend

Designs on top

Designers are conquering the Mont Blanc

The third edition of the Courmayeur Design Weekend took place a few weeks ago. The Italian ski resort at the foot of Mont Blanc hosted  exhibitions of unique creations by well-known Italian and international designers during a whole weekend. Some even reached the top of the Mont Blanc!

The present designers and creatives could take part in the well-known skiCAD competition. This is a ski and snowboard competition that has been attracting designers to the steep slopes of the Monte Bianco for more than 20 years.

Courmayeur Design Weekend

On a treasure hunt with AR

This year, the theme of the Courmayeur Design Weekend was digital design in the metaverse. Design fans searched for QR codes on the ski slopes in the shadow of the Mont Blanc, in which a digital design was hidden behind each QR code. In short, a weekend full of design, revealed on the slopes and the numerous events in the mountains.

Courmayeur Design Weekend AR

Model and design protection

As a designer, you don't want to see your unique designs being used by third parties without permission. For that reason, it is strongly recommended that all designers register their design as a model.

Designs that are registered, are protected as intellectual property rights within a certain, local or global, region. As a result, designers retain full control over who may or may not use their designs. This way, you can obtain a Community Design throughout the territory of the EU for a maximum protection of 25 years.

Courmayeur Design Weekend

When do you register a unique design?

It is imperative to register your designs, especially after an event such as the Courmayeur Design Weekend. A design registration must be new; in other words, no previous identical or very similar designs may have been registered. So, it is recommended to register your unique designs before announcing it to the general public.

Luckily, there is a grace period of 12 months. This allows you to register your model one year after the announcement. So, that means that designers who first exhibited their creations during the Courmayeur Design Weekend 2023, will have time until February 2024 to register their designs effortlessly. Moreover, you can also register digital designs to be used in the metaverse. Get assistance from a Brand Specialist to register your design!