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Brand Change for Hugo Boss and Equitone to the moon

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New Logo for HUGO BOSS

HUGO BOSS introduces a new corporate logo with an update for their consumer brands HUGO and BOSS.
The old version, always using the full name to support the consumer brand, evokes that there is a person behind the brand with a heritage beyond. By using the consumer brands 'HUGO' or 'BOSS' endorsed with the corporate brand, it created the opportunity to bring a casual part (HUGO) alongside a more formal part (BOSS), brought together in one shop.

The new logo is abandoning this system and detracts from their brand strategy and making the brand poorer. Now HUGO is just casual while BOSS is much less likeable and distinctive. 

Who is the BOSS?

Greenyard, Improving Life

Greenyard is a global market leader of fresh, frozen and prepared fruit & vegetables, flowers and plants. 

This month, Greenyard launched their 2021 Sustanability Report bursting with ambitious commitments on climate action, water stewardship, zero waste, recyclable packaging and responsible sourcing.

The end goal: improving life. Read the full report here.


Equitone launches a new type of facade panel

Inspired by the raw beauty of the Earth's satellite, the new EQUITONE [lunara] façade panel looks like material from another planet. The fascinating surface with its irregularities is reminiscent of the landscape of the Moon and encourages architects and designers to create cutting-edge projects.

By creating the unique name Equitone, Remarkable ensured maximum efficiency from a brand-building point of view. We chose the name that conveyed the quality and high-end feeling of the product. Thanks to extensive linguistic, cultural, and legal checks, we made sure it could function worldwide. Great to see that the brand continues to grow to this day.

Be inspired by the extraterrestrial new façade material EQUITONE [lunara] or read the full Equitone case here.



Xandres invests in our future 

Sustainable fashion is not just a buzzword at Xandres. Quality and timelessness are a part of their DNA. From the start of the clothing company in 1927, craftsmanship has been key.
When they started Andres, a brand of women's trousers, in 1968, their fits were legendary. The years of expertise in the field of fabrics and clothing helps them to make a difference today.
Xandres recently announced that they are developing a plan to make the entire production process – from yarns and fabrics to the garment in your wardrobe – as sustainable as possible.


Xandres shop

Miley Cyrus ®

World famous pop singer Miley Cyrus has been trying to register her name as a trademark in the European Union. However, the holder of the trademark 'CYRUS' is not pleased with this and is trying to argue there is a likelihood of confusion.
The issue was recently put before the General Court. In the end, the pop singer was able to convince the Court that there is no likelihood of confusion. The Court decided based on the widespread fame of Miley Cyrus, which would cause everyone to immediately associate the trademark 'Miley Cyrus' with the pop singer behind the trademark.


However, this raises an interesting question: if everyone immediately associates the trademark with the pop singer behind the trademark, rather than perceiving the trademark as a trademark, does this mean the trademark lacks distinctiveness?
In other words, Miley Cyrus might be suffering from success: because of her widespread fame, the public might never perceive her name as a trademark, but only as referring to the pop singer herself. Therefore, her name may perhaps never be a valid trademark.