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Belfius, a lovebrand?

8 main reasons for a Brand Change

Belfius, a lovebrand?

Anno 2021, there are 8 main reasons for a Brand Change. For instance, crisis situations can be the trigger for a brand change ( in the majority of cases, of the company name). Damage to a Brand Name, due to a disaster, a boycott or a lawsuit, often only becomes clear months after the crisis.

DEXIA, for example, wanted to change its name as soon as possible after the 2011 banking crisis. All sorts of doomsday scenarios meant that both clients and the best employees sought refuge. The arrival of Belfius made it possible to work on the brand's future once again. In an (exceptionally) short period of less than 6 months Remarkable guided the bank in the search for a new identity.

Also part of these roots and the Bank's Belgian DNA are the Belfius Press Awards, celebrating their 58th edition this year. The Belfius Press Awards remain firmly rooted in Belgian society to this day.
So there you have it: there's an opportunity in every crisis!

“We were in a deep crisis, but that also allowed us to start with a clean slate. That has its advantages, because you don't have to let everything evolve. You can just start from the break with the past.”

Jos Clijsters, Former Chairman of the Management Board Belfius.